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1503 North 500 West,
Malad City, Idaho 83252


HBC Storage Lease Agreement



Wendy: 208-221-3804
Brad: 208-766-3804


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HBC Storage Rental Information

Rental fees are billed monthly, charged to your credit/debit card.

Long-term Rental Discounts.

First month’s rent is pro-rated so all automated transactions are completed on the first day of the month.

24/7 Access to Your Stuff.

All units are self-storage; you provide your own lock.

Unit sizes range from 10' x 10' to 12' x 20' (see size/fee table below).


1) Call Wendy (208-221-3804) or Brad (208-766-3804) to begin the process and determine which unit sizes are currently available.

2) Arrange a day and time to meet at the storage facility to view the unit and finalize the lease agreement.

3) Download a copy of the HBC STORAGE LEASE AGREEMENT (PDF), read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, print and complete the information under LESEE, including debit or credit card information. Bring the lease agreement with you to the meeting at the storage facility. NOTES: We require a valid mailing address and telephone number. Your signature on the lease agreement signifies your agreement with the terms and conditions of the lease.


6 Storage Unit Sizes. NOTE: Some sizes may not currently be available.

10' x 10' $40 4' x 7' roll-up door
(100 sq.ft.) Can hold several appliances; furnishings from a single room (like a king mattress set); an ATV or motorcycle.
10' x 12' $50 8' x 7' roll-up door
(120 sq.ft.) Can hold most furnishings and items from a living room or a couple of bedrooms; a UTV or trailer under 11 feet long and 8 feet wide.
10' x 15' $60 8' x 7' roll-up door
(150 sq.ft.) Can hold furnishings and some appliances from a small 2-bedroom house or apartment; a compact vehicle or UTV or trailer under 14 feet long and 8 feet wide.
10' x 18' $70 8' x 7' roll-up door
(180 sq.ft.) Can hold appliances and furnishings from a 2- to 3-bedroom house; a vehicle or trailer under 17 feet long and 8 feet wide.
10' x 24' $85 8' x 7' roll-up door
(240 sq.ft.) Can hold appliances and furnishings from a 3- to 4-bedroom house; a vehicle or trailer under 23 feet long and 8 feet wide.
12' x 20' $85 10' x 10' roll-up door
(240 sq.ft.) Can hold appliances and furnishings from a 3- to 4-bedroom house; a vehicle or trailer under 19 feet long.


HBC Storage is located at 1503 North, 500 West in Malad City, Idaho. [ GOOGLE MAP ]

HBC Storage Building

Storage Guide

An HBC storage unit will provide the safe, secure extra space you need for your valuable stuff when you're buying or selling a home, making room for a new baby, making room in the garage for a new vehicle, remodeling, or even when a kid leaves home and you need somewhere for their stuff until they get settled down and established. The first step: determine what size of unit you need.


The guidelines provided in the size and fees table above provide a general idea of what fits in a given square footage. Door openings are included in the size and fee table above, so keep that in mind when considering big items, like trailers. Think stack: large heavy items with stackable surfaces for boxes and mattresses go in first. (Whenever possible, store mattresses flat). You may need a few 2x4s to span distances and provide support for lightweight stacked items.


Keep these points in mind when packing the unit:

Group items by room or purpose.

Load heavier items on floor, stack lighter stuff on top.

Valuable items should be loaded to the back.

Store the things you'll need to most frequently access near the front.

Protect mattresses and upholstered furniture from dirt, dust, and pests with plastic covers.

Self Storage FAQs

Please take a few minutes to read the following advice for successfully storing your stuff.


HBC Storage unit leases are rented on a month to month terms. Payment is made with a debit or credit cards for no hassle month to month transactions. First month’s rent is pro-rated so all automated transactions are completed on the first day of the month. For those needing long-term storage, we offer discount terms: a 6-month prepaid lease gets you half-month free; a 12-month prepaid lease gets you a free month. To receive the discount you must pay the full amount in advance.


HBC Storage does not insure the items stored in your unit. First, confirm whether or not the stored items are covered under a home owner policy. If not, speak to an insurance agent about renters insurance. Companies that provide tenant storage insurance include Minico and Safestor, and SnapNSure. Be sure to verify what is covered and not covered under their policies.


It is important that you secure your unit with a good quality lock, one with a thick, hardened steel shackle and a 5-pin tumbler. We recommend that you use a disc lock or other covered-shackle-type padlock. Write down the combination or stash the extra key in a safe place. Tag the key with a piece of tape to identify that it fits your storage unit lock—you probably have a lot of loose keys floating around.


Protect your items from rodents and insects—do not store perishable food, pet food or anything that can spoil. Clean all kitchen appliances thoroughly before storage.

Protect your items pack using new boxes and avoid using boxes from the grocery store or any boxes that have been used for food or beverages. Plastic totes with tight lids are a good peace-of-mind investment. Cover and wrap mattresses, sofas, and upholstered chairs with plastic.

Storage units will get quite hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. Items that are volatile, flammable, combustible, explosive, or poisonous—things like cans of paint, batteries, tires, items containing asbestos, chemicals, corrosives, and pollutants are prohibited.


Idaho Statute 55-2303 states that a storage facility operator cannot lease a unit to be used for residential purposes; nor can a lessee use a leased space for residential purposes. HBC Storage restricts the use of the storage unit to storage only—we do not allow activities such as repair or maintenance, transacting business matters other than storing items for an offsite business, or using a storage unit to conduct garage sales.


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